Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 6-ish (February 16th, 2014)- Leaving the CCM Mexico

Hey mom and dad i am emailing really quick to let you know that i am leaving the ccm for honduras tomorrow morning. i leave the ccm at 530 am. our flight leaves at 10:35 am and we get to san pedro sula, honduras at 1:05 pm. we then have a layover and leave from there at 4:45 pm and get to tegucigalpa at 5:35 pm. we are allowed to email you just to let you know. i love you guys and miss you guys so much. 

i love you guys so much. i am excited to be going to honduras tomorrow. we haven't even started packing yet. i am glad my companions will be with me the whole way there. i love you guys!

Final week pictures: 
us and hno. garcia
us and hno. hernandez
our district and hno. castellanos
leaving info
house sleepover


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