Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 20 (May 26, 2014)- I'm really sick

Week 14 in Honduras

Hi guys. I am so sick. Everyone, including the mission nurse, is saying it’s probably dengue. I have no idea but I don’t feel great. I just want to sleeeeeeeep, which is what I have been doing all day today and yesterday. I have a huge fever and it’s been constant all day. It went down one degree from yesterday so I guess that is good.

This past week was good. We taught a lot even though we missed two days because my companion was sick last Wednesday and Thursday. Nothing major happened but it has been really hot here, like unusually hot. my companion was sick with heat exhaustion. Not fun.

I hope you are all well. I think of you all so much. Especially these past two days being home sick I constantly look at my photo book that has pictures of you guys, haha.
One thing that I miss is being sick in the comfort of my own home or in a place that is not so hot haha. When I was sick at the ccm it was the same even though it wasn’t hot. But I just think when I am sick away from home it’s not as good because I don’t have all the familiarity haha.

We were walking home a few minutes ago because the power went out and we thought I wouldn’t get to finish writing and we were using our cell phone as a flashlight and we almost stepped on a HUGE toad it looked like a rock. Haha. But when we got to our house the power came back on so we walked back here to the bishop’s house so I could finish writing haha.

Details sent in a different email:
so i got really sick yesterday and could barely walk or get through church. and it was rough. and the mission nurse says i probably have dengue. so yeah. not fun. ive been sleeping all day and my temperature has been at 39 deg celc all day and yesterday it was 40. so its pretty bad. but we went into town today to get a blood test taken. it was a weird experience. basically it was like in one room with a desk and a lady sitting there. and she didnt wear gloves OR wash her hands first. and it was kind of scary. im scared im going to get some sort of disease. because i dont think she cleaned the needle beforehand, either. i almost cried afterward. but this is honduras so yeah haha. 

Have a good week!
Love, Sam

sent 5/27/2014

enjoying the air from the fan while trying to cool off. super sick.
the moment the power went out when i was emailing. a face of unbelief and exhaustion hahaha.

fan-enjoying in action

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 19 (May 19, 2014)

Week 13 in Honduras

This week was very busy. We got one new investigator each day, along with our other investigators we have been trying to teach everyone frequently. It has been nice though because it means we are always busy and always doing something, instead of wandering around trying to find someone to listen.

Neither my companion nor I got transferred! We are still companions and still in our same area! We were both happy about it.

Oh, in our town, yusguare...they started paving a road! In the center of town. It’s so exciting and it’s going pretty fast too. It’s funny because there is dog foot prints all over it already haha. They keep fixing it but before it dries another dog walks on the wet part haha.

Frequent questions I get about my time in Honduras:

What kind of food do you eat? Honduranian food. The most common foods eaten here are: beans, rice, and corn tortillas. That is what we usually get from members, also baleadas but not as frequently. I prefer balaedas because they are made with a flour tortilla...yum. Everyone here asks what the common food in America is and I have a really hard time telling them that we don’t eat just the same foods over and over. Then I usually give up and say we all eat spaghetti every day. Haha.

How is your Spanish? It’s good. I learn a little bit more each day. I can understand almost everything people say to me, but talking back is a lot harder. Tenses are easier, Past tense is a struggle. Overall it is good. Sometimes I get really frustrated but then I remember that five months ago I didn’t know a single word of Spanish. I don’t think I could even count to ten in Spanish back then. The bad thing...I think I have almost completely forgot how to speak French.

How is the weather? Very hot! My area is in the south of Honduras and it is hot every day and every night, in fact I think it is just as hot at night as it is in the day. There is usually no clouds haha. And it’s hot when it rains too.

Do you have running water? Nope, not really. We have a pila (big tub like thing in the bathroom) and once every few days we get running water that goes through a pipe and into the pila. And then we use that water until the water comes again. So no showers. Just bucket showers.

How about electricity? Yes yes yes we have that. But it goes out a lot. haha.

What do you do on Pdays? We usually do laundry...by hand which takes forever, clean our house, do an activity with our zone we usually play sports or go hiking, E-MAIL, and buy food. The fun part...feeling the air conditioning at the grocery story. ME GUSTA!

This week was nice; we didn’t have changes, we taught a lot of people, some members fed us at least once a day, and yeah. Good.
I miss you guys a lot and I hope you are doing well. Love you!

Mission Info:
Mission area: yusguare
Mission zone: ciudad Nueva
closest big town: Choluteca
sent 5/19/2014

A Pila full of water
The craziest full moon i've ever seen. Francisco insisted I took like 10 pictures.
My bed with NEW SHEETS. thanks mom. <3
My cat, Crush. He's the cat of the Maldonado family. They said I can adopt him. xD

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 18 (May 12, 2014)

Week 12 in Honduras

This past week was fun, like always. We did a lot of work and we had a lot of fun.
I feel like this past week we worked really hard and taught a lot and helped a lot of people come closer to the gospel.

Instead of taking about what we did this week, I want to talk about one of the great things about this area and about missionary work.

Luis got baptized last Sunday, which I mentioned last week, but this past week was the week we truly saw a huge change in him. He accompanied us on several lessons with investigators and bore testimony and also helped explain certain concepts. What I like was that they were very simple explanations but gave a lot of insight. As missionaries, sometimes we forget to keep it simple and want to talk a lot about everything. Hearing Luis bears his testimony many times this week and telling stories about his conversion, we had never heard before, was great.  He also started going to institute and has been spending more time with members in the ward. I know that with the help of others in the ward, Luis can continue to grow in his testimony and grow in confidence and find a family in the ward here, but that also depends on the members.

As members of the church I am now realizing how important our role is. Before my mission I absolutely did not think about this relationship, at all. But it really is important for members to embrace new members and even, especially, investigators. Please, if you see an investigator with the missionaries on Sundays, go up and introduce yourself, and get to know that person help them feel welcome and help the investigator see the church as a warm and welcoming place. If that person can find friendship and confidence through the church, they are more likely to progress in their learning, and also progress after their baptism into a strong active member of the church.
I guess what I am saying is that this week I learned a lot about the importance of members and missionary work.
Talking to you guys on Skype last night for mother's day was amazing. And I am so grateful for technology and for the ability I have to video call my family yesterday and in a few months at Christmas.
 I miss you guys!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 17 (May 5, 2014)

Week 11 in Honduras


On Monday, before we returned from Tegucigalpa, we helped out at one of the ward buildings. American dentists were there to do dental work for future missionaries around this area of the country! and since we were already there and just waiting around (our ward was there getting work done and they were our ride home) we helped translate. Translating from Spanish to English was easier for me than translating from English to Spanish, it was great practice though. Of all the doctors, doctor AJ really helped me a lot by having me translate for him...even though he already knew how to speak Spanish. Dr AJ I was a new missionary and wanted to help me out by throwing me in the deep end haha. Also, he loves Hawaii and wanted to talk about Hawaii the whole time ha-ha.

The rest of the week, we focused our teachings on temples! Because as a zone, we took all of our investigators to visit the temple! we had activities and lessons prepared for our trip to help them feel the spirit and learn more about the temples and about the gospel. The trip was great, and a success for all the people who went. Our zone had three yellow school busses, full of people! At the temple we had four lessons and rotated in groups around the four sides of the temple for each lesson. Our Mission President, President Hernandez, came and gave a talk and helped motivate all the people who were there.  Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and I know our investigators could feel the strong Spirit and love de nuestro padre celestial on the temple grounds. 5/2

The next day, Saturday 5/3, one of our investigators, Luis, called us early in the morning and said that he wanted to get baptized on Sunday after church. We have been teaching Luis for a long time trying to prepare him to be baptized. He has had a lot of challenges in life and changing his lifestyle has been a long journey for him. But I know he has a strong Spirit and a testimony of the Gospel. We were so happy that he finally felt ready and willing to be baptized. The Baptism went really great! We had it after church yesterday. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. I wrote it all out but I didn’t even end up looking at it while giving my talk. Cool. After he was baptized, Luis looked so happy walking out of the water. He bore his testimony afterward and everyone could feel how genuine his testimony was. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help him progress and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week was really good.

It rained for the first time on Tuesday! and almost every day afterward. The night we got back from the temple it was raining so hard while we were walking to drop people off at their houses and to our house, by the time we got home we were soaked. Even though it was storming it was hotter than ever. Haha.

I love you guys, and I think of you always! Thanks for always being so supportive and loving!

Love, Sam

Temple with Investigators:

Luis' Baptism:

Haircut this morning:

so ready for this

realizing i made a horrible mistake

the happiest sam in all the land