Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 14 (April 14, 2014)

Week 8 in Honduras

This week was crazy. And it felt super long and super short at the same time. I don’t know how that works out. 

Monday, we went back to our area and worked for the rest of the day. Nothing major. Oh we had family home evening with an inactive family and they didn’t have electricity so it was all in the dark using cell phones as lights. 

On Tuesday we had another service project, we helped a member family haul sand from the river up a huge hill to their house so they can finish building walls for their house.

Wednesday, President and Hermana Hernandez came to our zone. We had a meeting in the morning and learned about some stuff. Haha. They then went to each area to check houses and have interviews. We are probably going to need to switch houses but that’s okay. Our interviews were good too. Since they were at our house we each went and had our interview in the car, air conditioning. Yay. Haha.

Thursday at our zone meeting we had a really good lesson, by our zone leaders, about how to study and how we can help prepare others.

Friday I think this was our one normal day and we did a lot of studying and it was great because we felt really prepared for our lessons and it felt awesome haha. I love it when we can prepare lessons for each person individually. We met a family and the mom was really receptive but the dad wasn’t. In the end the mom and daughter accepted our invitation to be baptized.

Saturday was a reaaaaaally busy day but we got a lot done. Our schedule was so crazy but we visited a lot of people and talked to a lot of people on the streets. Overall we challenged six people and five accepted. It’s okay though because those who did accept seemed like they found us and they were already prepared to hear and accept the gospel. 

Sundays we are always busy because we have to leave super early to wake people up for church. Overall only one of the ten people we visited came to church, but that is okay. We tried not to get discouraged. Church was good. I liked the lesson on repentance and the third hour lesson on family history. 


Today, Monday, we went HIKING. Legit hiking and it took forever.
The truck ride there in the morning was a real adventure because it kept breaking down and it took forever but it was fun. 
The view at the top was amazingggg. And super pretty. We had a spiritual message, sang a hymn, ate lunch, and played some games and then left. It was super fun.   Mom, you would be proud because I wore pants (“always wear pants to hike”) and I didn’t get cuts on my legs like everyone else, and I brought a lot of water and still had some at the end when we got back down and everyone else was dying of thirst. I shared. It was a fun day.

Overall this week was so busy and I think next week will be just as busy. But it is fun because it seemed like we are working super hard and also doing a lot of fun things as well.  

Love sam

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