Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 10 (March 17, 2014)

Week 4 in Honduras

This week was good. I took notes but it would take forever to transpose them all ha-ha.
On Monday last week we had a water balloon fight, I think. On Tuesday we had a very normal day... oh but our zone leader came with us to one of our lessons and helped us out. The lady, we taught, said yes to get baptized but then when we came back the next day she told us not to come back again and that she was going to the Catholic Church. Sigh...
Wednesday we had a looooong day there was a lot of walking. By the time the sun sets everyday I am practically dragging my feet from being so tired of walking ha-ha. But it’s okay.
Thursday we had our zone meeting and then we went to Choluteca to eat. We ate at KFC hahahah. The air-conditioning was nice, definitely worth the trip. After we got back to our area we had a few appointments and it was nice.

On Friday all I wrote in my notes was that I wished I had more time for personal study haha. I really do.

On Saturday I wrote “some days are rough and today was”, but I can’t remember why. Ha-ha.
On Sunday we had stake conference and it was an absolute disaster. They had technical problems and we were just all sitting there for 45 minutes in the hot building and the kids were screaming and it was pretty funny. But we had two investigators with us so it was not funny at the same time. When we got back we ate soup called sopa de mondonga which has a unique meat in it haha.
And today! Today is my companion, Hermana Saldates birthday. We played futbol in the field in our area which means we got extra time to do stuff this morning. By that I mean that we slept in, ha-ha. The field we played on is full sized. It was really fun and I wasn’t sure if I was going to play the whole time but I did. Even though it was a trillion degrees outside. A lot of the elders in my zone are very good and wish I had their skill. Before we changed we lost the keys to our house so Hermana Saldate and Hermana Randall ran back to the field to find them. The elders bought eggs at the pulp next to our house. It’s a tradition here in Honduras to crack eggs on people’s heads on their birthday, So that happened. We then went to eat at a Guatemalan restaurant companion chose since it is her birthday. And the elders got her two cakes! And we sung to her.

Things that have happened this week
-we climbed through a barbed wire fence.
-we ran over a mile in our skirts
-I pet a huge pig that is bigger than I am

Honduras is very different that the United States and I am still getting used to it ha-ha, but the people here are friendly most of the time and my Spanish is improving; slowly. On Friday, we had a goal in our zone to have ten baptism desafios, we only got 3. This week our zone had 101 desafios. Which is a lot ha-ha. It’s pretty cool.
This keyboard is almost broken so please excuse this horrible grammar and spelling!


laundry day
self reminder
zone- played futbol in our area and it was funnnn
our street
trying to all fit in one mototaxi

it was hna. saldate's birthday
leonarde and alex
scenery from our area
more of our area


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