Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 25 (June 23-29, 2014)- Cambios!

Week 19 in Honduras

so i recounted all the weeks this morning and this is my 19th week here in honduras which means its my 25th week in the mission. i think. haha. but yeah i will have 6 months on the 8th of july. eeeeep. what. yeah it feels like a long time. time has gone slow, im not gonna lie.

but yeah this past week was good. we had transfers and so hna saldate and i took te long trip to teguc to changes. and i got a new comp. her name is Hna. Osorio and she is from el Salvador and does not speak very much english. fun times are had by all in our companionship. by that i mean that there are a lot of language and cultural barriers. but its okay. its been good. but i feel like i've learned so much in just these few days with her already. 

work in our area has been hard. we don't have many investigators even  though we are walking around talking to people all day long. its okay though. it will happen soon enough.

i taught the lesson in sunday school on sunday and it was crazy. kind of a disaster in my mind but other people said  i did great and that my spanish was good. there were a trillion people in class because it was ward conference so more people that usual came. i think i did okay. the lesson was on sacrifice. 

hope everyone is doing well. love you!

love, sam

Info de cambios:
Area: Yusguare (still)
Companion: Hna. Osorio =]

Hna. S's last day in Yusguare
Crush chillin like a villain 
bus ride to cambios
I saw Hna. Young at cambios

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 24- A Language Experience

This picture is hanging up in the house of a family in the ward. We visited them, I think, the first week I got here. When I saw this picture I had no idea what the words said. I thought to myself, "The day that I look at this framed picture and understand the words and understand how it relates to that bird, will be a good, good day”. Also I will know that when I understand this picture, I will have learned Spanish. We were in their house again eating a few weeks ago and I looked at the picture and understood it right away and I understood the bird. It really was a good day. Because I could remember trying to figure out what it said when I first got here and now it just made complete sense. It was a way that I could see an actual progress in my learning. We went back to their house last week and I took a picture to share this story!

"Si amas algo, dejalo libre. si regresa es tuyo, si no, nuca lo fue."

Sent on June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 24 (June 16-22, 2014)

Week 18 in Honduras

This week was full of walking back and forth all over town.
I have two fun stories of things I really enjoyed this week.

First: we went to contact someone who went to church with a family member last Sunday. She was visiting her grandma who lives really far away but still in our area and so we went to go find them and we had never been to that part of our area before, it took about 30 minutes by bus so we had our lesson with them and were there for a long time because there was this really old man there who just wanted us to convince us that we needed to force his granddaughter to get baptized. The granddaughter liked our message but said she really did not want to get baptized. After about one and a half hours we left. We wait for a bus we saw a wooden bridge that was really high above river/rocks, the bus never came so we walked like two hours back to town. Without water. So that was interesting.

Second: yesterday the power went out at 8AM, we needed the power at the church so we could get water in to the building because we had a baptism scheduled for 4 pm. We couldn’t fill the font because there was no water. Everyone around town was telling us the power was going to come back at a certain time, each person we talked with said something different.

We needed to have the baptisms that day because it had been really hard to get permission from parents and to find a time where the parents would not be working and would actually be willing to see the baptism, also because Nicol and Noe did not want to reschedule for another day. We were trying to figure out what to do the whole time during church. in the end we were either going to have their baptism in a river (10 minutes away) or wait around and hope the water came before too late. If we had it at the river the parents would not be willing to go so we decided to wait. So we waited. And finally it came on at 6 pm but the faucet was not working. We filled the baptismal font up bucket by bucket.

And then it started to storm very hard. We needed to pick people up for the baptism and it was dark and raining. So we ran all the way across town trying to find at least two witnesses for the baptism. We ran from house to house to house of members in our neighborhood but everyone said no except the bishop so we just hoped someone else would show up. So we ran some more to pick up the people who were giving the talks, and then to pick up the families. Everyone was soaking wet by the time we got to the church which was around 8 pm. Right after we showed up, the other Hermanas from our zone showed up with a, investigating, family and so we had enough people to have the baptism, witnesses, and confirmations. The baptism was amazing.

Nicol and Noe were baptized and Nicol's grandma was there. Alex, who was baptized in March, gave a talk about baptism and Estiven a kid from an inactive family who is friends with Nicol and Noe gave a talk on el Espiritu Santo. Even though they are both kids, the talks were amazing and their testimonies were powerful. Then my companion sang “Hazme andar en la luz” (Teach me to walk in the light) for Noe and Nicol. Half way through the song nicol, just sitting in her chair looking at her feet, started to sing along with Hermana Saldate. It was so cute. The spirit was so strong during the baptism, Nicol and Noe weren't discouraged that the rest of their families or friends couldn’t make it. The power was flickering and there was a huge storm outside with HUGE loud thunder but everyone was just glad to be there.

Those are the two big stories that happened this week. There were a lot more but I have no time to write them all.
I hope you guys all had a great week too!

Love, Sam
sent june 23

Adventure to el corpus

Baptism of Lizzie:

Baptism of Nicol y Noe:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 23 (June 16, 2014)

Week 17 in Honduras

Hola everyone,

This past week was good. My companion has been sick for almost a full week now. Which is not fun, but we have had a lot of fun times this week. One of our investigators, Betuel, is progressing really fast. he has read all of the folletos (pamphlets) for each lesson and read all of the intro pages to the book of Mormon, two chapters in the book of Mormon, and even looked up answers to his own questions using the guia de las escrituras (kind of like the bible dictionary that they have in the Spanish BOM). He is, pretty much, teaching himself. He always has questions and wants us to give him more chapters to read. he says he is going to come to church this next Sunday. It’s great.

It has been raining a lot here in Honduras, when it rains it rains harder-than-hard haha. It is almost impossible to teach because everyone has tin roofs so we can’t hear each other talk. But it’s been good, we played futbol with our zone this morning that was fun. Do you want to know what else is still fun?....washing clothes by hand haha just kidding.

I hope all is well in the United States and that you guys are having a good summer. SEND ME LETTERS!

You can also use to send letters tooo.

sent june 16, 2014

I saw Hna. Young at Zone Conference!

Zona Ciudad Nueva 
Taking a Picture with an elder who admired the craftmanship of our dresses made by Hna. Saldate's sister-in-law (photobombed by our zone leader, elder boe)

we arrived ready to win. arrived late but looked awesome. they ended up playing more at the church.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 22 (June 11, 2014)

Week 17 in Honduras

Sam's companion is very sick and so they did not make it into town to write. They wrote for a little while from the bishop's house, but Sam did not write a big email for her blog.

Updated later with Pictures from the week before (June 3-11):

Hna. Maldonado aka the nicest lady ever. She's always making us food. 


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 21- A Miracle

Hi everyone. Here's a really inspiring event that happened and wanted to share.

We had a good week. Last Monday (June 2, 2014) it was storming and there were no Moto-taxis going from the area where we were to our area, and the bus doesn’t go there. We were on the bus and it starts storming like crazy and we know we aren’t going to be able to get home unless a miracle happens. So I say the most sincere prayer I have said on my mission, probably. So, it was raining hard and storming and dark and the road is about a mile and is super dangerous even during the day so we had no idea what to do.

We were just sitting on the side of the road under a roof of a pulperia (small store) about 15 minutes later a moto taxi pulls up to the pulperia and it is a guy who we know very well who always gives us rides! He said he wasn’t working (just like all the other Moto-taxies they are on strike for reasons) he was just buying a few snacks for his kids! But there he was someone we knew who would drive us all the way home! Oh and our phone wasn’t working at all this whole time so we couldn’t call anyone. Basically, it was a miracle.

I really wanted to tell you that all week. I told it bad because I don’t have much time. But I thought it was amazing. Have a great day tomorrow I love you all!
Love, Sam

*Moto-Taxies are like motorcycles but with three wheels, they are enclosed and have two seats in back

Sent June 11, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 21 (June 2, 2014)

Week 15 in Honduras

This week was a full week but not of the normal stuff.
I was sick for five days, and didn’t start leaving the house until Friday!
It was a full week of sleeping. I did not have dengue, which is a good thing. I did have heat exhaustion and extreme dehydration. Not fun. I am all hydrated now and not so exhausted haha. I am all better and back to doing normal Missionary stuff every day, which is nice, because being sick as a missionary is not as fun as being sick at home. No watching TV or reading or even the comfort of a blanket. It’s too hot to use blankets here. I slept in a hammock everyday at a member’s house so my companion could go out with a different member to keep visiting our investigators. I am glad to be better, though.

On Sunday we had an event, after church at one of the ward buildings here in Choluteca, for all our investigators here in the South. Our mission president and his wife gave messages and there were musical performances. It was really cool. We didn’t have any investigators come which was a disappointment but we had Alex, who was baptized a few months ago, Lizzy (who just turned 8 and is going to get baptized), and Francisco who is a member who helps when we need someone to come on visits with us. It was nice, we all enjoyed it.

I saw Hermana Young while we were there! It is always super fun to see Hermana Young and Hermana Bleak when I can. I miss them so much! We had so much fun when we were companions.

On the bus ride to the event, a butterfly flew into my hair! That was fun. On the way home it rained hard and we walked all the way home from the middle of town to our house in the rain. I was cold and tired the rest of the night haha. And there was no power. But it was fun. Overall it was a good week.

I felt a little homesick but it was another good week.

Hermana Jaquez
sent 6/02/14