Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 20 (May 26, 2014)- I'm really sick

Week 14 in Honduras

Hi guys. I am so sick. Everyone, including the mission nurse, is saying it’s probably dengue. I have no idea but I don’t feel great. I just want to sleeeeeeeep, which is what I have been doing all day today and yesterday. I have a huge fever and it’s been constant all day. It went down one degree from yesterday so I guess that is good.

This past week was good. We taught a lot even though we missed two days because my companion was sick last Wednesday and Thursday. Nothing major happened but it has been really hot here, like unusually hot. my companion was sick with heat exhaustion. Not fun.

I hope you are all well. I think of you all so much. Especially these past two days being home sick I constantly look at my photo book that has pictures of you guys, haha.
One thing that I miss is being sick in the comfort of my own home or in a place that is not so hot haha. When I was sick at the ccm it was the same even though it wasn’t hot. But I just think when I am sick away from home it’s not as good because I don’t have all the familiarity haha.

We were walking home a few minutes ago because the power went out and we thought I wouldn’t get to finish writing and we were using our cell phone as a flashlight and we almost stepped on a HUGE toad it looked like a rock. Haha. But when we got to our house the power came back on so we walked back here to the bishop’s house so I could finish writing haha.

Details sent in a different email:
so i got really sick yesterday and could barely walk or get through church. and it was rough. and the mission nurse says i probably have dengue. so yeah. not fun. ive been sleeping all day and my temperature has been at 39 deg celc all day and yesterday it was 40. so its pretty bad. but we went into town today to get a blood test taken. it was a weird experience. basically it was like in one room with a desk and a lady sitting there. and she didnt wear gloves OR wash her hands first. and it was kind of scary. im scared im going to get some sort of disease. because i dont think she cleaned the needle beforehand, either. i almost cried afterward. but this is honduras so yeah haha. 

Have a good week!
Love, Sam

sent 5/27/2014

enjoying the air from the fan while trying to cool off. super sick.
the moment the power went out when i was emailing. a face of unbelief and exhaustion hahaha.

fan-enjoying in action


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