Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 32 (August 11th-17th) in pictures

Week 26 in Honduras

good morning: so happy for morning study lol
mi cometido: memorize if you are serving in honduras

we ordered pizza for lunch before our trip to the temple
enjoying pizza while we study
we ate the whole thing
at the temple with our investigator Roger

a storm was coming
tegucigalpa honduras temple

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 31 (August 4th-10th): Changes!

Week 25 in Honduras

Hola, this past week was another good week in Honduras. 
We had changes on wednesday and... I am in a new area with a new companion!

companion: Hna Castellanos (from Guatemala)
area: Guaymuras (a neighborhood in Tegucigalpa)

So the day before changes was a big day. We went and met with all our investigators (as many as we could, anyway. Taught a few lessons, and packed up all our stuff. Both my companion and I had changes (they're putting Elders in Yusguare). After all that we went to a baptism for the other hermanas and then we came back to get our stuff and move it to their house, where we spent the night because it would be easier to get to the bus for changes in the morning. Leaving all our investigators and all the members was a bit sad because I've been in Yusguare for a long time, ever since I arrived in Honduras. But I know that the new Elders who are there will do great. At changes I got to see Hna. Saldate and Hermana Bleak! it was great. 

My new companion came to Honduras at the same time as me but I have four more weeks than her in the mission because I was in the CCM for six weeks and she was there for only two. But we are pretty much equal and it's been really fun because we are both learning together.

This new area is very different from my first area. the people are different and the lifestyle is different too. but the work is the same. The missionaries before us in this area were Elders, so my companion and I are both new to this area and are opening it to Hermanas. It has been a week of getting lost and talking to everyone. one person we talked to on our first day, Roger, lives right in front of the church and we started teaching him and invited him to be baptized and he said YES, but only if he feels comfortable and ready by the date we challenged him for. He said that he wants to make sure he has quit smoking for good before he gives us a definite yes. We can really see his desire to learn and understand the Gospel. He wants to know for himself and that is the best.

Tegucigalpa is very fast paced and everyone is always busy and is almost never home, which is the opposite of Yusguare. but it is nice because everyone so far has been willing to make an appointment for another day. Our area is full of college students because there is a University really close. So it is hard to coordinate times to meet with a lot of people because they are at school, at work, or studying with their time. But we have been handing out a lot of folletos to people and inviting them to church. haha. it's better than nothing, I guess. But this new area is super fun. I am really enjoying it.

Everyone says Tegucigalpa is hot, but coming from the south, it has been really nice. and its actually cold at night!

it has been a good first week here in the city and my companion and i have been getting along really well. We have a lot of similarities and we are always talking about video games haha. 

love you!

(prep yourself for a lot of pictures)
clockwise: with Ana and Waleska on my last day in Yusguare, all packed, on our way to Teguc
My first and second companions (they are now companions with each other)
My new companion and me
in our new area of Guyamuras
we found mcdonalds
happy to be writing home (DO YOU SEE THE HARRY POTTER POSTER?!)
clockwise: first morning in Guyamuras, a present my companion made me on my 7th month anniversary, our study room, writing home, a cool poster, and us with ronald mcdonald

Week 30 (July 28th- August 3rd & 4th)

Week 24 in Honduras

This past week was hard (but good) work. We talked and talked and taught and taught and walked and walked. But it was good. We met with some new people and have been also visiting inactive members and animating them into seeing the blessings of the gospel. 

It's hotter than ever here in Honduras but it is okay because everyone likes to give us soda. haha. 

I got sick on saturday night and still, i am feeling sick. but it is not as bad as the last time, this time it is just a cold. but it wasnt fun yesterday because the power was out all day and we had to stay home and I had a fever of 38.5 (idk what that is in Fahrenheit) but the house was super hot and yeah. no me gusta. but I am feeling a little bit better today, which is good. 

We went with our zone to play futbol. I watched while everyone else played, since I am still a bit sick. But it was nice because this is probably my last pday with this zone, and I have been with them so long. So it was nice to spend the day all together. After futbol we went to get some pictures printed for Marbin and Ana, and then we all went and ate at Pizza Hut! 

We are going to have changes this Wednesday, and i am almost 100 percent sure that I will be going to a new area and getting a new companion. but we will see. I definitely will miss all our investigators and all the members here in this area, especially since i have been here for so long, but its okay. I know that this is a part (important part) of missionary life. And I know that my new area will be great and that the missionaries who come to Yusguare will continue to help the people here.

love, sam

happy to be leaving the house after being so sick
driving the moto-taxi (jk, i was just pretending)
the Yusguare missionaries
these guys are my best friends in the mission (both from Mexico). they help me with spanish and i help them with english (they just passed the language exam needed in order to be eligible to attend BYU! congrats to them!).

Week 29 (July 21th- July 27th)

Week 23 in Honduras


For P-Day on monday we went and played Futbol with our zone in Choluteca at the stake center and it was really fun. It can be kind of frustrating playing with all the Elders because they are SO competitive (even though as missionaries, we aren't supposed to play competitively or keep score), but a few Elders and my companion, me, and two other hermanas from our zone played a side game that was much more relaxed and it was really fun! After we were all done, we realized the power was out and someone had closed the gate (which is electric to open if you don't have the key) and no we did not have the key so we were trapped inside! So we climbed the wall! haha

We also had divisions this week. I went to the other area in Yusguare with the sister trainer and one of the hermanas from that area. it was great to experience a new area and new people. and I had a lot of fun. divisions is something that I actually really enjoy. Their area is pretty similar to our area but it gave me an opportunity to get to know the members from the ward who live over there since we never go over there. Since their area is part of the same ward as ours, I knew pretty much all the members who we stopped by. That evening we had a Noche de Hogar at a member family's house and watched the Story of John Tanner movie and everyone there seemed to really love it. 

This week we had one baptism! The baptism was for our investigator, Marbin (pronounced like 'Marvin'. Marbin's wife is a member and all of her family are members and he has met with many many many missionaries in the past, but finally felt like he was ready to be baptized! And he really had a desire. 

The day of the baptism there was no power and when we did finally have power we filled up the font as much as we could but it wasn't very much water at all... just to about the knees. and Marbin is really tall so we didn't know what we were going to do. about 30 minutes before the baptism everyone started showing up and we were just like, "uhhhh theres pretty much no water" (and the water pump wasn't working again). So Marbin, the bishop, and Alan (his brother in law) started filling up the font bucket by bucket from an unknown water source (I think there is a well or something inside the shed they have at the back of the church haha). It was really amazing to see Marbin filling up the font for his own baptism, and you could truly tell that he wanted the baptism to happen and was making sure it would happen. it was great. 

The baptism was amazing and the spirit was so strong. All of Marbin's wife's family was there and he was baptized by the Bishop and he has such a strong support system in the church already. I know that his testimony and his faith is only going to grow in the future. 

And today... we are writing from the house of the Bishop. She wrote first (and I read Jesus the Christ) and then I wrote for about 5 minutes and then the power went out! we waited an hour and then went home. and right as we walked into our door, the power came back. haha. So we walked back to the Bishop's house so I can finish writing!

Anyway, miss you guys so much!
climbing the wall, the coolest tie, making baleadas during divisions, and me
Marbin and his family and us
The power went out again that night

Week 28 in Honduras (July 14th- July 20th)

Week 22 in Honduras


This past week was super busy... lots and lots of traveling! 

On last monday I spent my P-Day traveling to and from Tegucigalpa, where i submitted my esidency information. Hna Alvarado (another hmn from our zone who came at the same time as I did) and I traveled together and spent the entire day sitting in the immigration office. but it was exciting. (But I think I posted about that last week!)

On tuesday my companion and I worked hard and taught a lot of our investigators and it was a very nice normal day. Sometimes I love normal days. 

On wednesday our new mission president, Presidente Bowler and his wife, Hna. Bowler, visited our zone and we had get-to-know-you interviews with each of them. They are from Colorado and are super nice and have the strongest testimonies ever. 

On thursday we went to the temple! it was super great and fun. We left at 3 am and got back to our our zone at like 9:30pm. But it was fun. I am glad I had motion sick medicine this time. 

Friday was a normal day and we got a lot of work done and met with a lot of people and got ready for Ana's baptism!

On sadurday Ana was baptized! The baptism was amazing. We spent all morning filling the pila bautismal because there were technical problems and water problems but things worked out great in the end. The spirit was so strong and Ana's mom and dad were there and it was great. 

Sunday was great too. We had three investigators at church and Ana was confirmed! Marbin showed up two minutes before the sacrament which was so lucky and such a blessing because if he didn't arrive for the sacrament he was going to have to push back his baptism by two weeks. But he was there and he is going to be baptized this upcoming saturday! There was no power all day and we forgot to buy food for dinner, but one member ended up inviting us to eat dinner at her house and it was another blessing! 

so over all the week was great and i had a lot of good things happen. 

love you! 


Starting our journey to the temple in the madrugada
Almost Sunrise
My Companion and Me
Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple
Me, Ana, Ana's Mom, and My Companion
Ana and Me!

Week 27 (July 7th- 13th 2014)

Week 21 in Honduras

I didn't get to write yesterday because I traveled to Teguc and back (3 hr bus ride there and 4 hrs back) to fill out all the stuff for residency. We were in the immigration office literally all day and it was exhausting. haha. But everything went smoothly. 

The past week was hard, because hardly anyone was home and everyone else didn't want to take time to listen to us. but we talked to a lot of people on the streets. oh and on Sunday literally no one wanted to give us any time to teach because it was the FIFA World Cup finals. We could hear it literally from every house. it was kind of cool. everyone here loves loves loves futbol. 

Last week was a really normal week; a lot of teaching, walking, and sweating haha. but we did have a service project on friday (at the same house where we destroyed the walls a few months back) and this time, they had a completely new house built and it was great. we helped clean the floors and the kitchen and repainted the walls with new adobe. 

i miss you guys!

love, sam

(i have pictures but this computer isn't showing my memory card so maybe next week!)

Hello! I'm so Kawaii


Outside of the rebuilt house (it is so much bigger!)

On our way home from Tegucigalpa

Week 26 (June 30th- July 6th)

Week 20 in Honduras


This week was good!  but also hard. We worked hard to find new investigators and visited a lot of people but that also meant a lot of walking around in the sun and not knowing where to go. But we challenged TWO of our investigators to be baptized and they BOTH said yes! so that was awesome!

I got my package! that was fun. pretty much the best, actually.

It really hard to type on this keyboard because it pretty much doesn't work so i don't know how uch i m going to gt to write to you guys today. unfortunate technical problems are unfortunate.somthig funny is that every single word i write is underlined in red because i am writing in english haha

so aparently they dont celebrate america´s independence here lol. but i celebrated by enjoyin my box, wearing red white nd blue, eating watermelon and ice cream. it was nice. 

my new compnion, Hna. Osorio, is very nice and is very patient with my spanish. she is from el Salvador and has 16 months in the mission. she is very helpful, especially in companion study where we practice in ways that will help me explain and teach in espanol. i also am helping her learn english. 

tomorrow, july 8th, i compelte months! that is one third of my mission, which is crazy. but i guess before i know it i will be saying the same thing about having six month left and then six days haha.

love you!