Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 28 in Honduras (July 14th- July 20th)

Week 22 in Honduras


This past week was super busy... lots and lots of traveling! 

On last monday I spent my P-Day traveling to and from Tegucigalpa, where i submitted my esidency information. Hna Alvarado (another hmn from our zone who came at the same time as I did) and I traveled together and spent the entire day sitting in the immigration office. but it was exciting. (But I think I posted about that last week!)

On tuesday my companion and I worked hard and taught a lot of our investigators and it was a very nice normal day. Sometimes I love normal days. 

On wednesday our new mission president, Presidente Bowler and his wife, Hna. Bowler, visited our zone and we had get-to-know-you interviews with each of them. They are from Colorado and are super nice and have the strongest testimonies ever. 

On thursday we went to the temple! it was super great and fun. We left at 3 am and got back to our our zone at like 9:30pm. But it was fun. I am glad I had motion sick medicine this time. 

Friday was a normal day and we got a lot of work done and met with a lot of people and got ready for Ana's baptism!

On sadurday Ana was baptized! The baptism was amazing. We spent all morning filling the pila bautismal because there were technical problems and water problems but things worked out great in the end. The spirit was so strong and Ana's mom and dad were there and it was great. 

Sunday was great too. We had three investigators at church and Ana was confirmed! Marbin showed up two minutes before the sacrament which was so lucky and such a blessing because if he didn't arrive for the sacrament he was going to have to push back his baptism by two weeks. But he was there and he is going to be baptized this upcoming saturday! There was no power all day and we forgot to buy food for dinner, but one member ended up inviting us to eat dinner at her house and it was another blessing! 

so over all the week was great and i had a lot of good things happen. 

love you! 


Starting our journey to the temple in the madrugada
Almost Sunrise
My Companion and Me
Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple
Me, Ana, Ana's Mom, and My Companion
Ana and Me!


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