Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 5 (Otra Vez)

Hola Familia!

How has your week been?! My week was pretty good. The Sun was SO STRONG this past week. I felt like most of the days it was so strong that it felt like i was being pricked by needles. (You'd be proud, Mom, I've been diligent about sunscreen)

This past Saturday I completed ONE MONTH of being back here in Honduras. Time is going by so quickly but slowly at the same time. I can't explain it haha. 

One of the things (other than spanish) that I struggle with here in the mission is talking to people on the street. I can talk to people just fine in lessons in their homes, and usually don't struggle with words or with feeling embarrassed about my language skills. But with talking to strangers on the street I do have a little bit of pena and my companion usually is the one to approach people. Anyway, yesterday estabamos abriendo la boca in la calle and we were walking down a street in our area and my companion was walking forward but I felt like I was being pushed/led to the side to a house. So i walked to the front gate of the house and I saw a woman sitting in the shade. I started talking to her and waved my companion over. My companion knows I struggle with talking to people in the street so I knew she was going to just let me talk. So i started talking to the lady about her religious background all. and then instead of just introducing her to the gospel and inviting her to church I started to teach a full lesson. Since we were just standing in front of her house I kept it short but I taught all of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in about five minutes, invited her to Church, to pray about the Priesthood, and invited her to be baptized. I didn't worry at all about the words I needed to say because somehow they just all came out naturally and it was amazing. We made an appointment to teach the hermana again later this week and I hope that she can progress and be receptive. It truely was a great spiritual moment and it has inspired me to follow the promptings of the spirit more often and to be not afraid of talking to people in the streets.

Spanish Update: A few people this week have mentioned how much my spanish has improved already and about how I am starting to open up more. I think they're both related. that I feel a little bit more comfortable talking because my spanish is getting better. I am trying hard to learn from what I hear and also to practice diligently every morning before we leave the house. 

Later this month, on the 22nd, our mission has the great opportunity to have conference with member of the 12 Apostles (we don't know who yet). I am really excited. Especially since this will be the 3rd time I've had the opportunity to hear a talk by an apostle in the past two years. I hope that I can find inspiration in the talk that will be given and that 
it will help me in my journey to be more humble as a missionary.

I love you all and hope that you're having a great week!

please send me letters/packages!

love, Sam


my companion and me

we had baleadas for lunch and i ate half before remembering to take a picture. feat. coke.


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