Monday, August 31, 2015

week 8 otra vez

eight weeks wow

this past week was a very normal week. no exciting conferences or trips. we worked hard and have new investigators. i feel good about the work we did. 

One experience from this week:
We were walking down the street just trying to talk to people on the street because one of our appointments fell through. so i thought we should try a house that we'd already visited in the past with my former companion. so we walk over and there is someone sitting outside. two people actually. we introduce ourselves as misionaries and explain a little bit about what we would like to share with them. one of the women doesnt want anything to do with us and leaves the yard and drives away. we had been standing outside on the sidewalk outside of the gated yard but then the ramaining girl invites us in and we taught a whole lesson and the spirit was strong. \she invited us back to her house for two days later. so two days later we return and we teach all of the restoration. what was really great was that she read all of the folleto we had left with her and had questions about prophets, authority of priesthood, joseph smith, and the book of mormong. it was so inspiring to find someone who really was ready to accept our invitation to learn more and even accept the invitation to be baptized. she has a bptism date and we are working hard to help her feel ready for that date. the whole experience really strengthened my testimony of the importance of finding and teaching by the spirit. i know that as i am obedient i will recieve the help i need in order to find those read to be taught. 

honduras is hot as ever and im trying to be grateful for the weather even when it feels so hot i cant walk anymore. i was a bit deydrated this week so i have been trying to drink more water. i dont want a repeat of what happened last summer when i couldnt get out of bed for a whole week because of extreme dehydration.

i am happy to be here and to be working hard in la obra misional. right now my biggest challenge is being a good trainer and helping my companion understand the way the mission work and how to teach and plan. i think im doing a decent job at that. 

spanish update: someone comented today that i dont have an accent. HA. its a nice complement but i don't believe it. i';ve been working hard on improving my accent to not sound so gringa. Slowly I think it's improving; still struggling a lot though. But I study every day so don't worry. I think I have what you'd call a conversational vocabulary, which is good enough but I would like to improve to master the big grammatical stuff. [post-mission comment: I remember that around this same time I started getting a lot of random complements about my accent and my grammar, and I got super self-conscious and started to be very self critical and didn't want to admit I was actually nearly-fluent]

i love you all

love, sam

this morning watching the zone play dodgeball. im still dehydrated and didnt want to over exhert myself.

a view of tegucigalpa from a hill near our house

hna p. and me (you can see the top of the church building in the background between our heads)

i honestly dont know how to flip this around. but the street we live on.


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