Monday, September 28, 2015

Here's a picture of my talk I gave yesterday in sacrament meeting. a big suprise to those who can read and understand it jhaha


week 12 otra vez

hello family

i miss you all. thank you for all the wonderful emails. i am so happy to hear that all is well at home. 

All is well here in Miraflores. I'm working hard and trying my best. It has been raining like crazy but no importa! The work continues. My umbrella doesn't work in the rain here; it's way too small. I need a new one, and my shoes get soaking wet the second I walk out of the house. I should've brought rainboots....and a raincoat. haha. it is fun, though. Such a classic mission experience, walking around in the rain looking for people to teach.

We had an investigator (A)in church on Sunday (!!!!) and she really enjoyed it. She said she is definitely coming back next week (for conference!) and that she is curious about going to institute! it was a good Sunday. 

Yesterday we also gave talks during sacrament meeting (me, my companion, and the two elders who are in our ward) we all talked about "la obra misional" (missionary work). I was so nervous, I had three pages of notes but only ended up reading about a page of it. I felt like while I was reading I was stumbling over my words and so half way through I just spoke from my heart and it was so much easier to speak. Everyone said that during my talk my accent was great and that it was amazing. haha. so i guess I'll trust them. For the intermediate him us missionaries sang the first verse of llamados a servir (called to serve) and then for the second and third all the return missionaries stood up and sang with us. It was cool.

I miss you all! please send me long detailed emails! oh, and packages/letters in the mail!


heres a picture of me in our house. i just really like the outfit i wore that day haha. (I should start a missionary fashion blog because i have a picture of my outfits for almost everyday because we don't have a mirror so i just take a picture every morning to make sure i look decent haha)

My companion and Me

A picture of me awkwardly playing futbol this morning (Note: space camp shirt)

My Zone Leaders (Elder L and Elder R) and Me 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 11 (44?)

Hola Familia,

This past week went by really fast (relatively of course, because a week is a week).

My companion and I have been working hard in every way. On Monday we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with a family in the ward. this husband is a retrun missionary and in the bishopric. he shared some mission experiences and helped us feel really encouraged to try our hardest. it was a great way to start out the week. 

On Friday we had interviews with the mission president and it was really good. I received a lot of guidance and support. I feel more confident in my ability to train, to work hard, and to be happy. Oh, also during the interview I found out that my release date in June 7, 2016 (if anyone was wondering exactly when I'll be going home. --- about 8 more months)

Weather update: It hasn't been tooo hot and it has been raining a little more than usual. :)

Spanish update: Improving. A lot of ups and a few downs. I am a lot more confident than I was two and a half months ago, though. =]

sept 14 - sept 20

this past week we worked a lot with members and tried/succeeded in finding a lot of new possible investigators. I feel good about all the effort we put into the work.

for my experience this week I want to share about a lesson we had with one investigator, A. First of all, I think it is important to say that A always reads the folletos (pamphlets?) and always has questions, which is a good sign that she will progress. So in our first lesson, we taught the Restoration and challenged her to read the Book of Mormon. Our second visit was on, I think, Thursday, and we started out by verifying that she read and prayed. We asked if she had received an answer about the Book of Mormon. In this crucial moment I was silently praying and anxious about the answer. There were a few quiet seconds and then she replied, "I do believe that there were prophets here in the Americas and that they prophesied of Jesus Christ." (AHHHHH). and then she explained that she did believe their wrote the book of Mormon and that it is true. Then during the lesson we were reading scriptures as we taught the plan of salvation and at one point we were going to read a scripture and she turned to the page and had already highlighted the verses (because she had read the pamphlet before the lesson and even looked up the scriptures!)
It was such a great moment. the spirit was so strong. I know that as a missionary, as i am obedient and Humble I will be guided and helped in knowing where to go, who to talk to, and what to say. We had walked by As house hundreds of times but one day we felt like we should knock on her door and because we followed the spirit we were able to find someone who was prepared to listen and accept the message we share. Honestly I feel humbled to know that the Lord has enough confidence in me to find those who are prepared and that we are all blessed as we follow the guidance of the spirit. 

Thank you for all the support and love! I really appreciate it!

love, Sam

I lost my Agenda so I had to make my own for a day.

I got a new bed (finally!!).

Tigre, the cat of a family in the ward.

Today watching the zone play volleyball.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 10 (Week 43?) Sept 7 - Sept 13 2015

Como estan todos?

Esta Semana pasada fue muy interesante. trabajabamos mucho, y tambiƩn descansabamos mucho. me enferme en miercoles, jueves, y viernes, entonces fue un poco dificil a trabajar con un fiebre alto. pero estoy bien ahora. Pero tuvimos la ayuda del senor bastante, porque tenemos muchas nuevas investigadores, y tambien tenemos 4 investigadores con fetcha bautismales. espero que vamos a tener muchas bautismos en el mes de octubre.

I love you all very much. I think about home and about my family all the time. This past week my companion and I worked very hard to improve our teaching and finding methods. We talked to a lot of people on the street and challenged a lot of people to be baptized. As a result, we have a lot of new investigators, future investigators, and we have four investigators with baptism dates. I hope that those who are preparing for baptism continue to feel the importance of the gospel and the church and that they are able to meet the requirements of baptism. 

This week I was sick with a fever for three days. We did everything we could to lower it, showers, sitting in front of the fan, staying hydrated, fever reducing medicine, but i was just so exhausted and feverish. We weren't able to work as hard as normal, and for one day we were in the house all day. I am now much better and able to work like normal.

weather update: hot as ever here in teguc. it rained on and off yesterday. which was really nice. i forgot to use sunscreen for about a week but i have started using it again. 

This past week we were in a lesson with an Investigator, M, teaching The Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong and we asked her if she had read the assignment we had left in the Book of Mormon. She said she had. Then, we asked her if she had prayed about it and she said she did. First of all, the fact that we have gotten to this point where an investigator has read and prayed without constant reminders and help is a blessing on its own. She said that she didn't think she received an answer so we asked her how she expects to receive her answer. She told us that she wasn't quite she but that she expected it in the form of a dream. We taught her about the the holy ghost speaks to us and that there are many different ways we can feel an answer, but for most people it is through feels of peace, warmth, happiness, etc. She said that now that she knows what to look for in an answer she will pray again. She then asked us how WE had come to realized the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. So my companion and I both shared our stories of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. I don't know how to explain how we felt in this lesson. I truly know and have a testimony of teaching by the spirit. I was able to understand and ask inspired questions that were able to help M think about the importance of prayer, the book of Mormon, and the plan of salvation and how each were relevant to her own life. I know that I cannot do this work without faith or without the help of the lord. I know that as I teach by the spirit the words I need to say are not entirely my own, that I am being guided and helped in order to help others who are truly trying to become closer to heavenly father. I also know that in order to receive this help I need to be faithful and obedient.

Thanks for the constant support as I am here serving in Honduras. I really do appreciate it!

Love you, 


Favorite scripture of the week: 2 Nefi 25:26


This picture was taken when I had a fever of 38.5 C and was sitting in our apartment trying not to be miserable.

The only picture I took today. This morning watching the others play basketball.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Semana 9 (Otra Vez) / Semana 42?)

This past week was very interesting. A lot of normal missionary stuff happened and a few un-normal stuff happened too.

On tuesday morning around 2AM I woke up with a sharp pain in my right knee. I couldn't move my leg at all because of the pain. The pain didn't go away all morning and we left to work as normal but I only made it to lunch before I had to call the mission nurse. I spent most the the day in the house resting. Two days later we went to the doctor and she said I have tendonitis. So right now I am taking medicine for it and it it still hurts by this saturday I will have to go back to the doctor. 

So for the rest of the past week we have been trying to do work close together (appointments closer together) so that I don't have to walk as far or as fast. It has been pretty good but a few days were a little bit hard.

Spanish update: good. slowly but surely I am still progressing. I understand more every day and am able to say a little bit more every day as well. 

Weather update: hot. it rained a few days ago and my companion and I didn't have umbrellas or anything. one member made us ponchos out of garbage bags so we wouldn't get too wet. haha. 

We are still working hard and teaching and finding. my quest to become more humble continues. Although, it has slowed down a little bit. this is because as a mission, we are studying about ten topics in the guia para el estudio de las escrituras, which doesn't exist in the english book of mormon. We are studying a lot about family history and how to teach everyone about the gospel through talking about family history. it it really great and my testimony is growing a lot as i study the assigned topics. 

One experience from this week: We were having a small lesson with a member after we ate lunch at her house. My companion and I hadn't planned the lesson so we weren't sure what direction it would go in. After the prayer and introduction and all, I decided to ask the sister to recount a spiritual experience she'd had in her week. Her eyes lit up and she told us that since she had been praying for a few days that someone would come to her house and ask her about a spiritual experience she had had that past week. She said she wasn't sure who would come and answer her prayer but that she really needed someone to talk to.  She told us of her experience and about how her testimony in family history and temple work had grown. To me, my testimony of following the promptings of the spirit grew. I wasn't sure what I was going to say when we started the lesson. But because I followed the spirit, I was able to ask an inspired question. A question that this sister had been waiting for. I know that as I continue to have faith and as I am obedient and strong, I will always receive the help I need in order to help others. 

i love you all. 

write me letters. write me emails. all the time please. 

love, sam

(the night we walked around in trash bags because of the rain)

Watching the zone play soccer all morning  (I wrote you all letters so expect those in about a month)

(One hermana has this tiny little book of mormon and i would really love it if someone could buy me one and send it to me. i think they sell them on the lds store website)

we all ate pizza for lunch. i honestly dont know how much more little ceasers pizza i can eat.

Listening to one of our zone leaders tell jokes as we eat.