Monday, October 5, 2015

week 13

This week was good. I'm really exhausted because i have been sick since Friday. So i might not write too much this week. I am happy to be here in the mission and to be doing missionary work.

This past weekend was general conference and I thought it was great. We went to all the sessions and I even got to see three of the four in English! The kind stake leaders set up an "english" room for all the people who wanted to watch in english (aka just all the american missionaries in our zone). Sunday morning we watched in Spanish in our ward building because one of our investigators joined us (A)!!! She enjoyed the conference and had so many questions which is amazing. I really hope she gets baptized =]

A not about being sick: It was so intense because I was feeling awful all weekend and I knew I had a fever but just kept working because there really is no time to stop when there's so much work to do (and I reallllly didn't want to miss ANY of conference. On Sunday it got super bad in the evening session and I pretty much just slept through most of the session (well I was going in and out). I ended up waiting until the session ended and we were home and then took my temperature, called the infermera, and ended up sleeping the rest of the evening. 

Weather: its been raining like crazy. the roads are rivers. and then sometimes theres no rain and no clouds and its hot as ever haha

Language: still learning. Spanish is pretty easy but its the pronunciation that i struggle with. I have a very american accent and its horrible haha.

Well, my week was really normal. a lot of walking around and a lot of teaching about the restoration and about the book of mormon and the plan of salvation and the gospel of jesus christ. also a lot of teaching people how to pray. =]

love you guys! 
send me letters.

its always raining and by the time we get home it looks like i jumped in a pool.

walking home

about 15 minutes before we took this picture the water was three times as high

feverish at 38.5 deg. celc

this morning watching the zone play futbol - sat out because of a fever. trying to keep my strength so we can work later.


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