Saturday, November 21, 2015

HOME aka Returned with Honor

As many know, my mission has not been the easiest journey. I am so grateful for all the challenges I faced and overcame as a missionary. I have grown so much since that first day in the CCM on July 8, 2014.  On Wednesday November, 18, 2015 I returned home from Honduras. And was honorably released the next day.

I have been sick since the first week in September. While in Honduras the mission nurses helped me so much. I saw doctors and tired my hardest to overcome my sickness while working. I have Mononucleosis – tested and diagnosed in Honduras. And unfortunately it can take quite a while to recover from Mono.

Since the first week in October I have been diligently trying to get healthier; sleeping more, drinking more water, resting more often. I started to get so used to working a missionary schedule while sick that I didn't think it was necessary to say anything to the nurse after a while. But I wasn't getting better. I mean, It wasn't getting worse, but it wasn't getting better. For over two months I have been struggling with daily fevers, body aches, extreme dizziness, and a whole lot of other symptoms. If I walk for more than a few minutes I get dizzy and if I work a full day my whole body aches by the time I go to bed.

So I did the hard thing and I was honest with the nurse and the mission president. Their recommendation was that I should go home and get the rest that I very much need.

Coming home from my mission after serving only a year has been hard, yes. But I know I was strong. I tried my hardest and I know that I will never, ever forget my mission. My mission changed my life. I feel so much stronger in every way. Especially spiritually. I feel so more closer to my Heavenly Father and know so much more about myself. I feel more prepared for my life and prepared to always help and serve the Lord with all my heart.

I just want to thank every single person who has kept up with this blog throughout my mission, to all those who wrote me letters and emailed me. You have no idea how grateful I am. I hope that my mission experience has helped you in some way. Whether to know me better, to know more about the life of a missionary, or even to know what to expect from missionary work. Thanks for all the encouragement and support.

Now that I am home, I will be focusing on my health until I recover. After that my plans are to finish college (Physics Major).



<3 Sam

(still welcomed: letters and packages haha... message me for my home address.)

First day in Honduras

Last day in Honduras


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