Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 17


So this week was good. There was a lot that happened. I feel a lot stronger and confident about my ability to serve and teach and help others. I miss you all a ton. I am sad I missed halloween but next year will be great! we are going to do something really fun. 

my week:

On Tuesday we had a conference/meeting with two General Authorities of the 70 and learned a lot about record keeping in the church and the importance of records. It was really cool because we read a bunch of scriptures in Doctrine and Covenants about record keeping. We were instructed to keep a record of our spiritual experiences in the mission. I am trying hard to keep a good record of my experiences but a lot of the time I forget to write in my journal or only write brief summaries, I am going to start to write more about experiences I have. They also asked us questions about being missionaries here in Honduras and about our own history in the Church and wrote down all the information (so i guess that means all those who participated will have their stories recorded in church history records =])

On Tuesday after the conference my companion and I both had interviews with the mission president. my interview was great and i received a lot of needed guidance and support. When we were in the mission office waiting, I met a lot of different missionaries from my mission. One of them, an Elder from New Mexico, is also Navajo. We bonded over that, and being the only two Navajos in the mission (and possible Honduras). The other Elder I met is from Maryland and had read my blog before getting here, which was a shock and also really cool. 

The rest of the week was full of normal days but with a slight change. Because I have been sick, and I am still trying to recover, I have been given a new schedule. I sleep in until 8am, take a nap after lunch, and am in bed sleeping by 9pm. It really had been making a difference and as I get more rest I am also able to focus more and work harder during the day when we do go out and work. I hope I can get better faster this way.

Today we had a really fun day with the zone. We went to the picacho and went to the big Cristo that you can see from anywhere in the city. it was fun. we played ninja right underneath for a while and took pictures and it was fun to just do something touristy. haha. 

A lot of photos this week:

lunch on saturday


my district



​love you all! 
<3 sam


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