Monday, November 9, 2015

week 18

hello family

love you tons.
this week was kind of rough. i have been having a hard time here in
the mission healthwise. i am trying my hardest to rest enough and to
do all i can to get better. i just dont seem to ever have enough
energy haha.

because i have been struggling to get better the work in our area has
slowed down a lot. we still have investigators but we aren´t visiting
as many per day as we used to. the great thing, though, is that we
have two investigators who (hopefully) will be baptized this saturday!
we are working our hardest this week so that they will be ready by
saturday =)

today we have been preparing for my companion to leave for mexico.
they finally got everything worked out about her visa and she leaves
tomorrow morning. right now we are a companionship of three because i
will be with Hermana A until changes on wednesday. I am almost 100
percent sure that i will stay in miraflores. =)

love you guys a million.

the computer i am using isn´t accepting my camera memory so pictures
will have to wait until next week =( haha


At night in Miraflores

Eating lunch at the house of the best family ever 
Took some youth out to teach with us

The best zone!

look who I ran into!

Sandy <3

After finishing our last day of Hna. P's training (I insisted we take a commemorative photo)


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