Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 20 – Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday– Tuesday we spent as a trio with another hermana because her companion had left the day before (we'd had the same thing and she'd also been afflicted so much that she needed to go home as well). We taught as normal and went to our appointments. It was really important to me that we keep teaching, I wanted my last days to be filled with working as hard as I could. For part of the day we had the opportunity to go out teaching with Alex, who is a great kid preparing to leave on his mission. He's always great to have in lessons! In the evening, after our lessons I received a call from President B. He told me I'd be leaving the very next morning. It was rough hearing it out loud and having a set time. Thats when it started feeling really real. I was sad. We spent the rest of the night trying to say goodbye to a few families. I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone I wanted to but I'm glad I got to see some families before I left.

Teaching in Miraflores Norte
Saying goodbye to Alex
My home away from home <3
My family <3 
So glad we ran into Noel and that I got to say goodbye. He served in London and we always spoke english together! 
Wednesday – We woke up bright and early and headed to the Mission Office. Once we were there we waited around for a while until It was time to leave. Hna. R and Hna. O. stayed with me before leaving and going back to Miraflores. I got to say goodbye to my lovely friends in the Mission Office (I'd been there a lot over the weeks so I was good friends with a few of them by then). Then off to the airport. Going through the line and security and everything went smoothly and then before the flight left I bought a few last minute things from a souvenir shop. The the flight. It was long and I spent the whole time trying to sleep and trying not to cry. When I landed in Boston, I was completely exhausted -from being sick and from traveling. Seeing my family was such a relief. It was hard going home but once I was there I felt a relief that I'd be able to get the rest and have the time to get well.


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