Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 4 in CCM Mexico (February 4, 2014)

HOLA! This week went by so very quickly; it feels like it was last Pday only two days ago! My Spanish is about the same Haha, but I feel a little bit more confident in my teaching skills. I get so nervous when we teach our "investigators" They are our teachers pretending to be investigators, but it is definitely still scary. I am a lot more confident speaking Spanish while in meetings with investigators than just regular conversations, such as with people who work in the cafeteria or around the CCM. Ha-ha.

Today we went to the temple! The Mexico City temple is closed for renovations for the next 18 months so we just toured the visitor’s center, it was still very exciting and fun. There were so many interactive things and we had a lot of fun. I bought some cool stuff at the store there too!

This week on the 8th (I think) the CCM here is being dedicated as a MTC! It hasn’t been dedicated yet and we are here to be part of it! There's going to be one apostle and two general authorities coming. We don't know who yet but it's going to be really fun! Also, a few weeks ago my companions and I got filmed walking around the campus for the dedication. I hope our clip gets used Ha-ha.

I am finally getting better from my sickness! I went to the doctor yesterday for a check-up and I had only a small fever! I’ve been taking antibiotics for the past week and a half and this morning I took my last pill. I really am so glad that I am finally able to feel so much better, it makes studying so much easier. The one down side...we don’t have permission to sleep in anymore Ha-ha. Back to getting up at 6:30!

There are so many things that happen during the week that I always try to remember so that I can tell it while I email but I can never remember them! I feel so bad ha-ha. I am having a great time here at the CCM and my companions are so great! We are always joking around and having so much fun.

Yesterday our teachers, Hermano Castallanos and Hermano Garcia (who is like head of all the teachers here and their boss ha-ha) held our language class in the Thomas S. Monson building in front of over 50 teachers! Our class is really advanced and apparently one of the best classes here since the CCM has opened (according to our teachers ha-ha). So they’ve been testing out new teaching techniques on our class and yesterday they showed the new teaching techs to a bunch of teachers here. Ha-ha. I got really nervous when I was called on for a question and messed up my answer, but oh well ha-ha. Everything worked out.

This past Sunday was fast Sunday, as you know. And that means we didn't have an assigned topic for sacrament meeting. And guess what I did. I got up and said my testimony. I felt the spirit so strongly in the whole meeting from all the people in my zone and at the very end of the meeting I got up and I wasn't nervous at all. Of course, it was all in Spanish. I was really happy and it was amazing to listen to everyone's testimonies, and surprisingly, I understood everything that everyone said!

I am super happy to be here at the Mexico City MTC. The people here are wonderful and so supportive and nice ha-ha. I am often discouraged because I don't know the language RIGHT NOW. But I know it will come with time.

I have been reading the book of Mormon so much in my free time this past week and it has helped me so much with not feeling so homesick haha. Also, I’ve really enjoyed reading and strengthening my testimony of the book of Mormon. I am half way through Alma right now, just in case you want to read along with me.

Love, Sam aka hermana Jaquez

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