Monday, August 31, 2015

week 8 otra vez

eight weeks wow

this past week was a very normal week. no exciting conferences or trips. we worked hard and have new investigators. i feel good about the work we did. 

One experience from this week:
We were walking down the street just trying to talk to people on the street because one of our appointments fell through. so i thought we should try a house that we'd already visited in the past with my former companion. so we walk over and there is someone sitting outside. two people actually. we introduce ourselves as misionaries and explain a little bit about what we would like to share with them. one of the women doesnt want anything to do with us and leaves the yard and drives away. we had been standing outside on the sidewalk outside of the gated yard but then the ramaining girl invites us in and we taught a whole lesson and the spirit was strong. \she invited us back to her house for two days later. so two days later we return and we teach all of the restoration. what was really great was that she read all of the folleto we had left with her and had questions about prophets, authority of priesthood, joseph smith, and the book of mormong. it was so inspiring to find someone who really was ready to accept our invitation to learn more and even accept the invitation to be baptized. she has a bptism date and we are working hard to help her feel ready for that date. the whole experience really strengthened my testimony of the importance of finding and teaching by the spirit. i know that as i am obedient i will recieve the help i need in order to find those read to be taught. 

honduras is hot as ever and im trying to be grateful for the weather even when it feels so hot i cant walk anymore. i was a bit deydrated this week so i have been trying to drink more water. i dont want a repeat of what happened last summer when i couldnt get out of bed for a whole week because of extreme dehydration.

i am happy to be here and to be working hard in la obra misional. right now my biggest challenge is being a good trainer and helping my companion understand the way the mission work and how to teach and plan. i think im doing a decent job at that. 

spanish update: someone comented today that i dont have an accent. HA. its a nice complement but i don't believe it. i';ve been working hard on improving my accent to not sound so gringa. Slowly I think it's improving; still struggling a lot though. But I study every day so don't worry. I think I have what you'd call a conversational vocabulary, which is good enough but I would like to improve to master the big grammatical stuff. [post-mission comment: I remember that around this same time I started getting a lot of random complements about my accent and my grammar, and I got super self-conscious and started to be very self critical and didn't want to admit I was actually nearly-fluent]

i love you all

love, sam

this morning watching the zone play dodgeball. im still dehydrated and didnt want to over exhert myself.

a view of tegucigalpa from a hill near our house

hna p. and me (you can see the top of the church building in the background between our heads)

i honestly dont know how to flip this around. but the street we live on.

Monday, August 24, 2015

week 7 otra vez (CAMBIOS)


This has been a very busy week. A lot has happened. We had changes on wednesday and Hna C. finished her mission and went home, and I got a new companion. I am now training. My companion is new to the mission and just got here from the Guatemala CCM. 

Training is so much more challenging that I every thought. It always looks so easy when other people are training. I have, now, so much respect for my old trainer Hna. S. Not only did she teach me how to be a missionary and how Honduras funcions, but she also taught me spanish in 12 weeks. My companion is from Honduras and I will be training her until she leaves from Mexico. She's staring her mission here until her Visa gets all sorted. She is very motivated and excited to work. I am trying to train her as best I can so that she can develop good skills right now. 

I am so grateful that I have recieved the opportunity to be a trainer because it means that the mission president, and the lord, trust me to be a leader and to be a good example. I know it will be a challege for me, but i also know that the lord will provide a way. (1 nephi 3:7)

I have officially completed 9 months in the mission field which means i have nine more. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the lord and to help spread the gospel. i am also greateful to have been able to return to finish serving and to have been able to return to the same mission where i started.

on saturday we had a missionary conference (all the honduras, tegucigalpa missionaries and all the honduras, comayaguala missionaries, and broadcasted for internet to all the central american missions) with elder russell m nelson of the quorum of the 12 apostles. i am so grateful to have had this opportunity. i learned so much about the expectations the lord has for me as a missionary and as a daughter of god. we learned so much about how important it is to testify of the plan of salvation and to take our investigators to see the temple in person. i really do think that his words will change the way we teach here in honduras. 

i love you all and hope that you have a great week. 
please email me and send me letters in the mail. if you dont know the address, ask my mom she should know.


the last picture with hna c. before changes

my former companion, also hna c. went home as well. she served her whole mission without being send to the south. que buena suerte.

my new companion! hna. p.

in our area of miraflores. i was thinking the other day about how i wanted to serve in a big city before i got my calling (thinking of tokyo, paris, new york) and here i am in a giant city. not quite what i had expected but its still the greatest.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 6 (Otra Vez)


This week was good. Another full week of hard work and baleadas. 

Nothing super exciting happened this week. It was pretty ordinary. We taught and walked around and had meetings. 

There was one lesson that sticks out in my mind. We were teaching an investigator more about Jesus Christ and the atonement. And he brought up a video we had watched in church last Sunday about the Plan of Salvation. He talked about how he knows it is important to accept the Gospel in this life and to always perseverar hasta el fin. He said that he knows there are people waiting in the spirit world for their families to accept the gospel, be baptized, and do their family history work and go to the temple for them. The spirit was so strong. I really do hope that we can continue to help him prepare to be baptized and that he will find the strength to do all he needs to do in order to be baptized. 

This upcoming wednesday we have cambios. My companion has over 18 months in the mission, so she is going home. She is really happy to be going home to her family. I can't wait for that day to come as well (but for now I am enjoying missionary life). I am nervous to get a new companion and be the one to know our area because I am still getting to knoww the members and the location of house and all. I hope we don't get lost too much haha. I hope I get a companion who loves to work hard. I know that working hard and occupying my time with missionary work will help me be the best missionary I can be. 

This past week it was cloudy almost everyday! The weather was great. I can only hope it will be like that again this week. Pero, no creo porque hace calor y sol ahorita. =/

My journey of becoming more humble is coming along. I have discovered that humility is related to so many more aspects and that to be completely humble is hard. It involves being obedient, selfless, charitable, and so many more christlike aspects. Every night before bed I come up with one goal for the next day that will help me be a little more christlike and it has been really helpful. One of my favorite goals this past week was to "Smile all day" So the next day I smiled and greeted everyone on the streets and not only did I feel happier and stronger about missionary work, but my relationship with my companion, with members, and with investigators improved as well. It's a fun and helpful project, to make daily goals to be more Christlike (you should try it too!).

I love you all! Please watch a good movie for me! haha. 

love, sam

​We had a waterballoon fight today as a zone and I got soaked.

with one of my Zone leaders, Elder L.

I've used three cans of OFF all on my own since getting here six weeks ago.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 5 (Otra Vez)

Hola Familia!

How has your week been?! My week was pretty good. The Sun was SO STRONG this past week. I felt like most of the days it was so strong that it felt like i was being pricked by needles. (You'd be proud, Mom, I've been diligent about sunscreen)

This past Saturday I completed ONE MONTH of being back here in Honduras. Time is going by so quickly but slowly at the same time. I can't explain it haha. 

One of the things (other than spanish) that I struggle with here in the mission is talking to people on the street. I can talk to people just fine in lessons in their homes, and usually don't struggle with words or with feeling embarrassed about my language skills. But with talking to strangers on the street I do have a little bit of pena and my companion usually is the one to approach people. Anyway, yesterday estabamos abriendo la boca in la calle and we were walking down a street in our area and my companion was walking forward but I felt like I was being pushed/led to the side to a house. So i walked to the front gate of the house and I saw a woman sitting in the shade. I started talking to her and waved my companion over. My companion knows I struggle with talking to people in the street so I knew she was going to just let me talk. So i started talking to the lady about her religious background all. and then instead of just introducing her to the gospel and inviting her to church I started to teach a full lesson. Since we were just standing in front of her house I kept it short but I taught all of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in about five minutes, invited her to Church, to pray about the Priesthood, and invited her to be baptized. I didn't worry at all about the words I needed to say because somehow they just all came out naturally and it was amazing. We made an appointment to teach the hermana again later this week and I hope that she can progress and be receptive. It truely was a great spiritual moment and it has inspired me to follow the promptings of the spirit more often and to be not afraid of talking to people in the streets.

Spanish Update: A few people this week have mentioned how much my spanish has improved already and about how I am starting to open up more. I think they're both related. that I feel a little bit more comfortable talking because my spanish is getting better. I am trying hard to learn from what I hear and also to practice diligently every morning before we leave the house. 

Later this month, on the 22nd, our mission has the great opportunity to have conference with member of the 12 Apostles (we don't know who yet). I am really excited. Especially since this will be the 3rd time I've had the opportunity to hear a talk by an apostle in the past two years. I hope that I can find inspiration in the talk that will be given and that 
it will help me in my journey to be more humble as a missionary.

I love you all and hope that you're having a great week!

please send me letters/packages!

love, Sam


my companion and me

we had baleadas for lunch and i ate half before remembering to take a picture. feat. coke.

Monday, August 3, 2015

More pictures from Week 4 P-Day



i should've bought this headband =[

Semana 4 (Otra Vez)

Hola todos!

This week was really good. I feel like it was a little bit longer than the other weeks for some reason. But that is probably because it was fullll of stuff.

This past week we had divisions and I stayed in my area with the sister training leader Hna M. She was great and actually taught me a lot. Including a detailed descriptive lesson on the difference between the two different past tenses used in spanish. 

We also had Zone Conference with all the zones here in the city. It was great to hear encouraging words from Presidente Bowler. I learned a lot about obedience, which was great because obedience is one of the things I realized is important in humility. I also learned a lot about teaching by the spirit, especially in asking inspired questions. This is something I need some practice with. I hope that I can become great at teaching by the spirit. I know that the more humble I am the more I will be guided and helped while teaching. 

We talked to a lot of people on the streets with week and had the help of a few ward missionaries. It was nice to go out and work with people from the ward. 

We are working a lot with members here which is supposed to encourage them to take part in missionary work and give us people to contact. This helps us a lot with teaching more than finding. I hope that we can help members feel the spirit during our lessons with them and that they have more of a desire to do their part en la obra misional. 

Honduras is a hot as ever. I'm happy that this summer I am not in the south. what a blessing. haha. 

Spanish update: it's coming along. I'm praying a lot for the gift of tongues. Sometimes I feel like the words just come easily even when I don't understand how I'm saying them and I know that's a real blessing. But other times I'm stumbling all over trying to form my thoughts into words. 

Today (p-day) with our zone, we visited a town called Valle de Angeles and went hiking to a waterfall. It was really fun and reminded me of all those hikes we would go on in hawaii. Then we looked around the town in a few shops. It's a really big tourist destination apparently. I saw a few americans. o=

I hope everyone is having a great summmer!

Love, Sam