Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 9 (March 10, 2014)

Week 3 in Honduras

This week has been full of missionary stuff, as you might have been able to guess. haha. we taught some people and visited some members.  really enjoy teaching the restoration. because its what makes our church different and it just connects everything and is such a  testament to the truthfullness of the gospel. my companion likes to teach the plan of salvation. but this week we taught a lot about the gospel of jesus christ. i think the thing that is easiest is bearing my testimony because i have so much practice and experience already from the ccm. teaching is difficult in a second language but i am getting plenty of practice everyday. my companion, hermana saldate is always there to help and always knows what i am trying to say xD

on wednesday one of the hermanas in our zone (hermana alvarado from costa rica) was told by hermana smart (the physician, health person) that she could not walk for three days. she has been having trouble with her feet. so i stayed with her in their house while my companion and her companion worked in their area. i didnt realize it until after that it was the first time since before i left home that i had a while day of not "working." even when i was sick at the ccm i went to classes and lessons with investigators. 

on saturday alex got baptized, he is 12 and none of his family are members. he is kind and well behaved and has such a desire to live the gospel of jesus christ. 

the weather here is hot and it gets hotter everyday. apparently march is the hottest month of the year in this area. haha. this should be a really fun week. i just wish there was air conditioning. we did a lot of work this week and did a lot of walking. one thing that is hard is that no one wants to pray or go to church. they say they enhjoy our message an want us to come back but then they dont want to pray even with our help. sigh. its okay though. because at least they enjoy what we are saying. 

i am happy that there are so many friendly people in our ward and in our area and that they are all patient and excited to help me learn spanish. this week i kind of learned how to say "thank you, but i am full" but i cant remember right now haha. i will ask my companion later lollll 

i hope you all are well!

love, sam

the biggest water balloon of them all during our zone water balloon fight


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