Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 13 ( April 7, 2014)

Week 7 in Honduras

Monday, last P-day, we did laundry for four hours and that was the big event. We made the decision to pay someone to clean our clothes. XD

Tuesday, we had a service project to help a family in the ward take down their roof and some walls, so their whole house. It was fun and they gave us food after. We had a lunch appointment and ended up eating at both places, it was so much food. We were completely sick for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was a normal day, and it was unbelievably hot.

Thursday we had our zone/district meeting we met the new members of our zone. Afterward we had a lunch appointment so we didn’t go eat pizza with our zone. I was kind of disappointed haha, because pizza.

Friday everyone fed us, almost every house we visited someone gave us food, and the food wasn’t full meals just snacks so that was okay. Haha.

Saturday we left super early in the morning to remind people about conference, the entire town and all surrounding towns lost electricity. No conference, sad panda.
As conference was starting we got a call from the zone leaders saying one of the church buildings in another town had their own power source, and thus...conference. We took a mototaxi and a bus and got there one hour late but got to see the second hour of the Saturday morning session. For the afternoon session, we brought a few investigators and got a ride with a member and went to the same building as the morning since we were still out of electricity. We ended up getting power for two hours at around 6pm but then it went back out at around 8 while we were teaching a lesson to a family outside. We finished the lesson in pitch black.

On Sunday we left super early again to wake people up for conference. But the electricity was working so we only had to go to our ward building! Yay. It was nice, but different because our building is a baby so we watched it on a wrinkly tarp and the speakers were muffled but it was okay because a lot of people got to come since it was in our building! Overall we had about 11 investigators come to church!

How did you guys like conference? I thought was great. Even though I am sure I missed A LOT because it was all in Spanish haha. But I loved it. Especially the talks about families! And learning and studying together if we estudiamos the escrituras como una familia, we invite el espiritu santo into our homes. This is something everyone should understand the importance of.
I also really loved how much faith and hope were discussed. Especially about hope and the power of the atonement. Really beautiful.

Overall it was a good week. Apparently this week is going to be the hottest week of this year in this area so we shall see. Haha.

Love you, Sam


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