Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 23 (June 16, 2014)

Week 17 in Honduras

Hola everyone,

This past week was good. My companion has been sick for almost a full week now. Which is not fun, but we have had a lot of fun times this week. One of our investigators, Betuel, is progressing really fast. he has read all of the folletos (pamphlets) for each lesson and read all of the intro pages to the book of Mormon, two chapters in the book of Mormon, and even looked up answers to his own questions using the guia de las escrituras (kind of like the bible dictionary that they have in the Spanish BOM). He is, pretty much, teaching himself. He always has questions and wants us to give him more chapters to read. he says he is going to come to church this next Sunday. It’s great.

It has been raining a lot here in Honduras, when it rains it rains harder-than-hard haha. It is almost impossible to teach because everyone has tin roofs so we can’t hear each other talk. But it’s been good, we played futbol with our zone this morning that was fun. Do you want to know what else is still fun?....washing clothes by hand haha just kidding.

I hope all is well in the United States and that you guys are having a good summer. SEND ME LETTERS!

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sent june 16, 2014

I saw Hna. Young at Zone Conference!

Zona Ciudad Nueva 
Taking a Picture with an elder who admired the craftmanship of our dresses made by Hna. Saldate's sister-in-law (photobombed by our zone leader, elder boe)

we arrived ready to win. arrived late but looked awesome. they ended up playing more at the church.


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