Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 25 (June 23-29, 2014)- Cambios!

Week 19 in Honduras

so i recounted all the weeks this morning and this is my 19th week here in honduras which means its my 25th week in the mission. i think. haha. but yeah i will have 6 months on the 8th of july. eeeeep. what. yeah it feels like a long time. time has gone slow, im not gonna lie.

but yeah this past week was good. we had transfers and so hna saldate and i took te long trip to teguc to changes. and i got a new comp. her name is Hna. Osorio and she is from el Salvador and does not speak very much english. fun times are had by all in our companionship. by that i mean that there are a lot of language and cultural barriers. but its okay. its been good. but i feel like i've learned so much in just these few days with her already. 

work in our area has been hard. we don't have many investigators even  though we are walking around talking to people all day long. its okay though. it will happen soon enough.

i taught the lesson in sunday school on sunday and it was crazy. kind of a disaster in my mind but other people said  i did great and that my spanish was good. there were a trillion people in class because it was ward conference so more people that usual came. i think i did okay. the lesson was on sacrifice. 

hope everyone is doing well. love you!

love, sam

Info de cambios:
Area: Yusguare (still)
Companion: Hna. Osorio =]

Hna. S's last day in Yusguare
Crush chillin like a villain 
bus ride to cambios
I saw Hna. Young at cambios


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