Monday, September 28, 2015

week 12 otra vez

hello family

i miss you all. thank you for all the wonderful emails. i am so happy to hear that all is well at home. 

All is well here in Miraflores. I'm working hard and trying my best. It has been raining like crazy but no importa! The work continues. My umbrella doesn't work in the rain here; it's way too small. I need a new one, and my shoes get soaking wet the second I walk out of the house. I should've brought rainboots....and a raincoat. haha. it is fun, though. Such a classic mission experience, walking around in the rain looking for people to teach.

We had an investigator (A)in church on Sunday (!!!!) and she really enjoyed it. She said she is definitely coming back next week (for conference!) and that she is curious about going to institute! it was a good Sunday. 

Yesterday we also gave talks during sacrament meeting (me, my companion, and the two elders who are in our ward) we all talked about "la obra misional" (missionary work). I was so nervous, I had three pages of notes but only ended up reading about a page of it. I felt like while I was reading I was stumbling over my words and so half way through I just spoke from my heart and it was so much easier to speak. Everyone said that during my talk my accent was great and that it was amazing. haha. so i guess I'll trust them. For the intermediate him us missionaries sang the first verse of llamados a servir (called to serve) and then for the second and third all the return missionaries stood up and sang with us. It was cool.

I miss you all! please send me long detailed emails! oh, and packages/letters in the mail!


heres a picture of me in our house. i just really like the outfit i wore that day haha. (I should start a missionary fashion blog because i have a picture of my outfits for almost everyday because we don't have a mirror so i just take a picture every morning to make sure i look decent haha)

My companion and Me

A picture of me awkwardly playing futbol this morning (Note: space camp shirt)

My Zone Leaders (Elder L and Elder R) and Me 


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