Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 21 (June 2, 2014)

Week 15 in Honduras

This week was a full week but not of the normal stuff.
I was sick for five days, and didn’t start leaving the house until Friday!
It was a full week of sleeping. I did not have dengue, which is a good thing. I did have heat exhaustion and extreme dehydration. Not fun. I am all hydrated now and not so exhausted haha. I am all better and back to doing normal Missionary stuff every day, which is nice, because being sick as a missionary is not as fun as being sick at home. No watching TV or reading or even the comfort of a blanket. It’s too hot to use blankets here. I slept in a hammock everyday at a member’s house so my companion could go out with a different member to keep visiting our investigators. I am glad to be better, though.

On Sunday we had an event, after church at one of the ward buildings here in Choluteca, for all our investigators here in the South. Our mission president and his wife gave messages and there were musical performances. It was really cool. We didn’t have any investigators come which was a disappointment but we had Alex, who was baptized a few months ago, Lizzy (who just turned 8 and is going to get baptized), and Francisco who is a member who helps when we need someone to come on visits with us. It was nice, we all enjoyed it.

I saw Hermana Young while we were there! It is always super fun to see Hermana Young and Hermana Bleak when I can. I miss them so much! We had so much fun when we were companions.

On the bus ride to the event, a butterfly flew into my hair! That was fun. On the way home it rained hard and we walked all the way home from the middle of town to our house in the rain. I was cold and tired the rest of the night haha. And there was no power. But it was fun. Overall it was a good week.

I felt a little homesick but it was another good week.

Hermana Jaquez
sent 6/02/14


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