Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 1 (Otra Vez)


my first week back in Honduras has been really good. My flight from Boston to Honduras was relatively quick. My bags got lost on the way here and it took a day to get them back. that was the only bad thing haha.

I got to see Hermana Bleak and Hermana Young at cambios on wednesday. it was really nice to see them but also it made it a little bit hard  because i am just getting here and they are going home.

The homesickness is crazy hard, but i've been homesick since before I even left home so it didn't take me by surprise. My companion is from South America and does not speak English so I've definitely just been dropped into a pot of new culture. I know that it is a blessing because I'm going to be improving my spanish so much since I'm pretty much learning spanish all over again. My companion is Hermana Cadima and she's from Bolivia. She is super nice and is in her final change. She is leaving in about a month. 

My new area is Miraflores which is in the Guaymuras Zone (my old zone!) and is in the city I am glad that i a in the city during the summer instead of the south where i know its crazy hot right now.

My area is really nice. i'm still getting used to not opening an area (since all my other areas I opened with my companion). it's different because everyone loves my companion and her previous companion and is still trying to get to know me and determine whether they like me or not (haha). I'm just trying to remember my way around everywhere. 

I like my area a lot and am glad that I made the choice to come back and finish serving my mission. I know that it's going to be hard work but that it will be a great time.


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