Monday, October 12, 2015

week 14 i think

hi family.

I am still sick so I am not going to write much information, again. sorry. 

This past week was eventful. The ward had an activity everyday of the week and it was great because we had four investigators attend several of them. We are working hard and trying to gain the confidence of the members so that the will be more willing to give us references. missionary work is so much easier with the help of the ward members. (hint hint)

I'm working hard and trying my best

love you guys tons. send me letters and packages always pls.

drying my socks. it literally took two days for these socks to dry because it has been raining and there was just so much moisture in the air haha.


check it out. theres a mission blog now. im not allowed to visit it but you guys are.

we had to go to the officina today we we took advantage and took pictures. i am sick which is why i look sick.

mision honduras tegucigalpa.


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