Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 15 of The Mission: Part 2

This past week was a good week like usual. I tried my hardest and felt like I learned a lot. Now that I have over ten months as a missionary I am trying to learn more about how to teach better and worrying less about the language. I worry a lot about whether or not I am speaking spanish well enough but I've found out that as I study the gospel and as I try to focus on learning to help our investigators, I am also improving in Spanish. Oh, and one thing that helps is that we have a new schedule and it includes an hour of language study every morning, so i think that is also helping a ton.

My companion and I this past week (and this week) have been working hard to visit with members more often. We were in a meeting with the ward mission leader and we talked about ways that we could start getting more references from members. My companion and I feel like as we meet and share small messages and serve the members of the ward, we will start to gain more of their confidence. they will start to see us as true representatives of Jesus Christ and will trust us enough to talk about the Gospel with people they know. I hope it all works out because working through references is so much more efficient than working on our own. 

I miss home a ton but the time here is going by really fast for me so I know that means that I will be home before I know it. I am trying hard to enjoy my mission while I can and to learn from all my experiences. 

I love you guys a ton. Please write me every week and send me letters in the mail all the time and I promise I will do the same. 

<3 Sam

we had divisions this past week and I went to Esperanza with Hermana M. it rained really hard and my shoes got drenched but it was fun. I was feverish (as per usual) in and out the whole day and by the time we got home my body was extremely exhausted. I didn't really tell Hna. M because I didn't want to ruin the day or all the appointments they had planned. But it was a GOOD day. Esperanza is a great area!

walking down a road in our area.

excited to teach about the plan of salvation.

this is our house. we live through the black door and up the stairs.

Today we went to a P-Day activity with most of the Hermanas who are serving in the city. it was a pajama party. We played a game where we had to guess who we are. it took me about 5 rounds to figure out that i was ariel. =]

group foto. (I'm wearing my space camp shirt =D)

ponce y jaques

in a taxi back to our zone with the hermanas from guamuras (one of my old areas)


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