Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 24- A Language Experience

This picture is hanging up in the house of a family in the ward. We visited them, I think, the first week I got here. When I saw this picture I had no idea what the words said. I thought to myself, "The day that I look at this framed picture and understand the words and understand how it relates to that bird, will be a good, good day”. Also I will know that when I understand this picture, I will have learned Spanish. We were in their house again eating a few weeks ago and I looked at the picture and understood it right away and I understood the bird. It really was a good day. Because I could remember trying to figure out what it said when I first got here and now it just made complete sense. It was a way that I could see an actual progress in my learning. We went back to their house last week and I took a picture to share this story!

"Si amas algo, dejalo libre. si regresa es tuyo, si no, nuca lo fue."

Sent on June 23, 2014


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