Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 16

19 octubre - 25 octuber 2015

hello family!

I have been doing much better this past week. I saw two different doctors. I am getting better slowly. I have been told that I have mononcleosis. And one of the doctors said that my symptoms aren't as strong as the other missionaries who have it right now and that I should get betting better quicker than them because I've had it before. So that is a plus. But I feel soooo exhausted all the time. i am trying my absolute hardest.

This past week we had zone conference (when all the zones in the city have a conference with presidente bowler) and it was great. I learned a lot and received a lot of personal inspiration. I feel more animated to work my hardest and do all i can to be the missionary that the Lord wants me to be. 

As a result of the conference, as a zone we have a goal to talk with and teach at least one principle of the gospel with at least 15 people a day. My companion and I have seen so many blessings as a result of accomplishing this daily goal. We have an agenda full of appointments with future investigators this week. This truly is a blessing because we have been praying and asking for guidance of how to find more people. then we received the answer in the conference and now we are seeing real progress. 

I am trying to work my hardest everyday and to see the good in each day. As I put into practice my studies and what I learn from leaders, I am improving everyday. 

In language study, I have been studying to be able to summarize chapters in the Book of Mormon; which means I am basically improving a lot in my knowledge of Book of Mormon stories and also in using the past tenses of Spanish (which has been my weakness with Spanish) Right now I am studying 3 Nephi 11. It's such a powerful chapter and I´m happy that now I can more or less explain in detail the whole chapter in Spanish. 

I miss you guys so much. I hope that you have a great halloween. Save me some candy!

<3 Sam

we stopped to take pictures of the moon

the moon

trip to the hospital - drawing blood

this is carol i teach her piano for 30 minutes every thursday and in return we get dinner. =) yesterday during sacrament meeting she played hijos del senor venid for the opening hymn!!!

lots of resting

we ate dinner on the sidewalk outside of the church yesterday.

watching the zone play soccer today

watching the zone play futbol



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