Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 27 (July 7th- 13th 2014)

Week 21 in Honduras

I didn't get to write yesterday because I traveled to Teguc and back (3 hr bus ride there and 4 hrs back) to fill out all the stuff for residency. We were in the immigration office literally all day and it was exhausting. haha. But everything went smoothly. 

The past week was hard, because hardly anyone was home and everyone else didn't want to take time to listen to us. but we talked to a lot of people on the streets. oh and on Sunday literally no one wanted to give us any time to teach because it was the FIFA World Cup finals. We could hear it literally from every house. it was kind of cool. everyone here loves loves loves futbol. 

Last week was a really normal week; a lot of teaching, walking, and sweating haha. but we did have a service project on friday (at the same house where we destroyed the walls a few months back) and this time, they had a completely new house built and it was great. we helped clean the floors and the kitchen and repainted the walls with new adobe. 

i miss you guys!

love, sam

(i have pictures but this computer isn't showing my memory card so maybe next week!)

Hello! I'm so Kawaii


Outside of the rebuilt house (it is so much bigger!)

On our way home from Tegucigalpa


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