Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 31 (August 4th-10th): Changes!

Week 25 in Honduras

Hola, this past week was another good week in Honduras. 
We had changes on wednesday and... I am in a new area with a new companion!

companion: Hna Castellanos (from Guatemala)
area: Guaymuras (a neighborhood in Tegucigalpa)

So the day before changes was a big day. We went and met with all our investigators (as many as we could, anyway. Taught a few lessons, and packed up all our stuff. Both my companion and I had changes (they're putting Elders in Yusguare). After all that we went to a baptism for the other hermanas and then we came back to get our stuff and move it to their house, where we spent the night because it would be easier to get to the bus for changes in the morning. Leaving all our investigators and all the members was a bit sad because I've been in Yusguare for a long time, ever since I arrived in Honduras. But I know that the new Elders who are there will do great. At changes I got to see Hna. Saldate and Hermana Bleak! it was great. 

My new companion came to Honduras at the same time as me but I have four more weeks than her in the mission because I was in the CCM for six weeks and she was there for only two. But we are pretty much equal and it's been really fun because we are both learning together.

This new area is very different from my first area. the people are different and the lifestyle is different too. but the work is the same. The missionaries before us in this area were Elders, so my companion and I are both new to this area and are opening it to Hermanas. It has been a week of getting lost and talking to everyone. one person we talked to on our first day, Roger, lives right in front of the church and we started teaching him and invited him to be baptized and he said YES, but only if he feels comfortable and ready by the date we challenged him for. He said that he wants to make sure he has quit smoking for good before he gives us a definite yes. We can really see his desire to learn and understand the Gospel. He wants to know for himself and that is the best.

Tegucigalpa is very fast paced and everyone is always busy and is almost never home, which is the opposite of Yusguare. but it is nice because everyone so far has been willing to make an appointment for another day. Our area is full of college students because there is a University really close. So it is hard to coordinate times to meet with a lot of people because they are at school, at work, or studying with their time. But we have been handing out a lot of folletos to people and inviting them to church. haha. it's better than nothing, I guess. But this new area is super fun. I am really enjoying it.

Everyone says Tegucigalpa is hot, but coming from the south, it has been really nice. and its actually cold at night!

it has been a good first week here in the city and my companion and i have been getting along really well. We have a lot of similarities and we are always talking about video games haha. 

love you!

(prep yourself for a lot of pictures)
clockwise: with Ana and Waleska on my last day in Yusguare, all packed, on our way to Teguc
My first and second companions (they are now companions with each other)
My new companion and me
in our new area of Guyamuras
we found mcdonalds
happy to be writing home (DO YOU SEE THE HARRY POTTER POSTER?!)
clockwise: first morning in Guyamuras, a present my companion made me on my 7th month anniversary, our study room, writing home, a cool poster, and us with ronald mcdonald


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