Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 30 (July 28th- August 3rd & 4th)

Week 24 in Honduras

This past week was hard (but good) work. We talked and talked and taught and taught and walked and walked. But it was good. We met with some new people and have been also visiting inactive members and animating them into seeing the blessings of the gospel. 

It's hotter than ever here in Honduras but it is okay because everyone likes to give us soda. haha. 

I got sick on saturday night and still, i am feeling sick. but it is not as bad as the last time, this time it is just a cold. but it wasnt fun yesterday because the power was out all day and we had to stay home and I had a fever of 38.5 (idk what that is in Fahrenheit) but the house was super hot and yeah. no me gusta. but I am feeling a little bit better today, which is good. 

We went with our zone to play futbol. I watched while everyone else played, since I am still a bit sick. But it was nice because this is probably my last pday with this zone, and I have been with them so long. So it was nice to spend the day all together. After futbol we went to get some pictures printed for Marbin and Ana, and then we all went and ate at Pizza Hut! 

We are going to have changes this Wednesday, and i am almost 100 percent sure that I will be going to a new area and getting a new companion. but we will see. I definitely will miss all our investigators and all the members here in this area, especially since i have been here for so long, but its okay. I know that this is a part (important part) of missionary life. And I know that my new area will be great and that the missionaries who come to Yusguare will continue to help the people here.

love, sam

happy to be leaving the house after being so sick
driving the moto-taxi (jk, i was just pretending)
the Yusguare missionaries
these guys are my best friends in the mission (both from Mexico). they help me with spanish and i help them with english (they just passed the language exam needed in order to be eligible to attend BYU! congrats to them!).


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